Arden’s Garden ATL

If you asked me what my favorite smoothie place in Atlanta is, I would say with 100% certainty: Arden’s Garden. One time I actually had my boyfriend walk six miles with me to the Little Five Points Arden’s Garden location. One way. Not round trip. Of course, he complained the entire time. He was also sweating profusely. Oh, and did I mention it was July? Yeah… well when we got to Arden’s he said to me “This better have been worth it.” How do I know it was? He has never once complained about that entire day again and it’s been a few years. I would have heard about it if he hadn’t been an Arden’s fan… trust me.

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Cake Flower ATL

Last week, I saw a picture of a box of beautifully decorated brownies on a girl who used to be in my sorority’s Instagram story. She called them “healthy brownies”. Obviously “healthy” and “brownies” in the same sentence immediately caught my eye. I messaged her and asked where she got them. She instantly started triple and quadruple messaging me about how I needed to look at @Cakeflower.atl on Instagram and try her healthy, raw vegan Cosmic Brownies! “You’d be OBSESSED” she wrote. Say less, right?

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A Week Of Workouts

I’ll be the first to admit that quarantine hasn’t *exactly* been my glow up that I wanted it to be. It took me around 2 months to actually get into a routine, and of course now that I am finally in a routine, I have to move in two weeks. Amazing. Well, regardless, I will be moving with a new routine and a new style of working out that I actually really enjoy!

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Chocolate Chip Blondies

I told myself that because I am starting my first full-time job in a month, I need to make as much content as I can between now and then. This promise has resulted in me baking in my kitchen every morning! I feel like my entire senior year of college, I wasn’t making as much content as I typically would. It’s a good thing that I was focused on life and spending time with my friends, but I missed making fresh content!

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Boston Favorites

For my Spring Break this year, I took a questionable flight to Boston at the beginning of this coronavirus extravaganza to visit some of my good friends! Although I don’t recommend traveling anymore with everything going on, I have a ton of restaurant recommendations for future travels to this amazing, historic city. I was super nervous about going with everything going on, but I am ultimately very happy with my choice to go on my trip and I loved getting to explore & eat my way through Boston!

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Fast, Strong, and Happy

Fast, Strong, and Happy with HWFD

My first running guide, highly requested by all of you! I hope you love these interval style workouts as much as I loved creating them. These are challenging, but will ultimately make you a stronger runner!


Nashville Favorites

This past weekend I took a road trip to visit my summer roommate in Nashville, TN! I stayed the night with her there, then we drove together to Memphis, TN where we are going to be moving in June. Nashville is one of my all-time favorite cities, so i’ll take any opportunity to go there (even for a one day/night trip).

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