Pumpkin Spice Smoothie Bowl using my new OsterĀ® Texture Select Blender!

If you follow along on my Instagram page, you know that I am ADDICTED to smoothies. I always make one for breakfast after my workout in the morning… doesn’t matter how cold it is outside! I usually rotate the same few smoothie recipes, but this fall I wanted to try my hand at a new recipe to get in the Thanksgiving spirit!

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Top Toronto Eats!

Every Summer, my family takes a week vacation somewhere. This year, we went to Toronto, ON, Canada! It was my first time using my passport and leaving the United States, so I was pretty excited (even if the flight was shorter than going to the West Coast).

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Foodie on a Budget

I get so many questions about grocery shopping in general, but more specifically how I grocery shop for clean, healthy ingredients without spending my entire bank account. I am aware that a lot of the brands and products I eat are more expensive than average, but that’s what I chose to spend my money on! Everyone has their “thing” that they shell out money for, some people buy $300 shoes, and I buy $3 protein bars. It all evens out over time, right?

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Travels & Eats

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a creature of habit. I thrive on routine. My family has always been big on trips, once a year for as long as I can remember we’ve taken one “big” trip over the Summer. As an active family, we usually always go to a National Park or some place where we can hike and be outdoors. I look forward to our trips every year because I love exploring new places, but I do experience a little anxiety surrounding working out and eating.

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5 Running Must-Haves

Most runners are superstitious, and I am no exception. Runners typically will develop their own routines that help them mentally and physically prepare for races, long runs, and every other run in between. They say consistency is key for most things in life, but runners can definitely take the saying to a new level.

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Atlanta Favorites

When I first started eating healthy, I found it really difficult to eat in restaurants. I was scared because I didn’t know exactly how to track the food in MyFitnessPal, but mostly had trouble with finding food that was “healthy” enough for me. As more people have become health conscious, the number of restaurants catered to people like me has increased! Now, instead of ordering a salad with grilled chicken, I can order more exciting meals like Quinoa Burgers and Grain Bowls.

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