Cake Flower ATL

Last week, I saw a picture of a box of beautifully decorated brownies on a girl who used to be in my sorority’s Instagram story. She called them “healthy brownies”. Obviously “healthy” and “brownies” in the same sentence immediately caught my eye. I messaged her and asked where she got them. She instantly started triple and quadruple messaging me about how I needed to look at @Cakeflower.atl on Instagram and try her healthy, raw vegan Cosmic Brownies! “You’d be OBSESSED” she wrote. Say less, right?

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A Week Of Workouts

I’ll be the first to admit that quarantine hasn’t *exactly* been my glow up that I wanted it to be. It took me around 2 months to actually get into a routine, and of course now that I am finally in a routine, I have to move in two weeks. Amazing. Well, regardless, I will be moving with a new routine and a new style of working out that I actually really enjoy!

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Chocolate Chip Blondies

I told myself that because I am starting my first full-time job in a month, I need to make as much content as I can between now and then. This promise has resulted in me baking in my kitchen every morning! I feel like my entire senior year of college, I wasn’t making as much content as I typically would. It’s a good thing that I was focused on life and spending time with my friends, but I missed making fresh content!

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Boston Favorites

For my Spring Break this year, I took a questionable flight to Boston at the beginning of this coronavirus extravaganza to visit some of my good friends! Although I don’t recommend traveling anymore with everything going on, I have a ton of restaurant recommendations for future travels to this amazing, historic city. I was super nervous about going with everything going on, but I am ultimately very happy with my choice to go on my trip and I loved getting to explore & eat my way through Boston!

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Fast, Strong, and Happy

Fast, Strong, and Happy with HWFD

My first running guide, highly requested by all of you! I hope you love these interval style workouts as much as I loved creating them. These are challenging, but will ultimately make you a stronger runner!