My All-Time Memphis Favorite

It’s hard to believe that I moved to Memphis in June… where has time gone?! It’s been a crazy adventure so far and I have loved the whole experience of moving to a new city and getting to explore and find the places that feel like home to me! This blog post is 5 months overdue, but it goes out to my favorite restaurant, hang out spot, and best happy hour in Memphis: Slider Inn.

I was introduced to Slider Inn the first week that I moved to Memphis by a few friends that I knew from work. That’s when Slider Inn became “the place” for my friends and I to go! Whether it was a weekend or just a random Tuesday, you already knew that we were at Slider Inn. Nobody even asked “Where should we go?” in the group chat anymore, it was just implied that we were going to Slider Inn! We loved the atmosphere: live music, outdoor seating, and great food/drinks.

Slider Inn has two different locations: Downtown & Midtown. We all live downtown, so we always end up going to the Downtown location, but Midtown is a great spot too!

Being new in Memphis meant that I ended up meeting a lot of friends who were also new to Memphis! I made sure to introduce all of them to Slider Inn. As a creature of habit, my order at Slider Inn would go through different continuous phases. My obsession started with the Falafel Sliders, which are house-made chickpea patties, cucumber, tomato, black bean hummus, dill yogurt, and sprouts. This meal reminded me of my Winter trip to the Mediterranean (back when we were able to travel) and always hits the spot!

My second obsession at Slider Inn was their Lowrider Sliders. These are citrus-marinated chicken breasts, American cheese, avocado, sriracha aioli, and sautéed onion. I ALWAYS end up getting the shoestring fries as my side, they are SO good. Probably the best fries I have ever had in my life and I am not even joking about that. Sometimes one of friends will say “I miss the Slider Inn fries” and that’s when we know that we’ve been away too long… even if we were just there the previous weekend.

My latest obsession has been the Lobster Roll. Ever since my trip to Boston, I have not been able to shake the craving for a fresh lobster roll, so THANK GOODNESS that Slider Inn has the first (and only) Lobster Roll in Memphis! The Slider Inn Lobster Roll has 1/4lb fresh Maine lobster shipped in 3x/week, served on butter-grilled, split-top bun w/ shoestring fries. It also comes with a DANG GOOD pickle on the side. My friend who went to Boston with me and I went to get a Lobster Roll this weekend and it literally tastes just like the ones we had in New England… so fresh! I also definitely had one of these last weekend too. Oops. Who gave their bread the right to be THAT good and perfectly buttery? I mean WOW.

I’m not usually one to get dessert at restaurants, but I couldn’t say no when the waitress offered to bring us a slice of cheesecake tonight to try. We had their Oreo New York Style Cheesecake and it was unreal. They served it to us on a plate quite literally COVERED in chocolate sauce… what more could two girls ask for!?

Finally, my all time favorite meal from Slider Inn is their Fish Tacos. This was actually the first meal I ate at Slider Inn back in June! I went with a group of friends and then went back and brought my roommate three days later. We got takeout that night- and in case you’re wondering- yes, the tacos still taste amazing from the comfort of your own home. The Fish Tacos have grilled & battered Atlantic Cod w/ pico, sour cream, romaine, and salsa. All I have to say to this is HOW DO THEY DO IT? Seriously, Slider Inn does everything SO right. They’ve always knocked every meal I’ve had out of the park! I don’t eat red meat, and I know that Slider Inn is known for their Sliders, so I can’t even imagine how good those must be!

There’s something really special about having a “place” here in Memphis. For my friends and I, Slider Inn is that one place that we go to to be together. We catch up, we have a drink, we listen to music, and we have a good meal. Especially now with COVID-19 and all of the uncertainty in the world, I am grateful for a place that brings people together while still ensuring our safety! Slider Inn does temperature checks, social distancing, and contact tracing, all while having QR code menus and clean surfaces. They also have amazing service, and I have truly always felt taken care of each time that I have been to their restaurant! Thank you Slider Inn- for giving my friends and I this home away from home here in Memphis! See you next weekend! 🙂

Click here to view Slider Inn’s menu!

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