Cake Flower ATL

Last week, I saw a picture of a box of beautifully decorated brownies on a girl who used to be in my sorority’s Instagram story. She called them “healthy brownies”. Obviously “healthy” and “brownies” in the same sentence immediately caught my eye. I messaged her and asked where she got them. She instantly started triple and quadruple messaging me about how I needed to look at @Cakeflower.atl on Instagram and try her healthy, raw vegan Cosmic Brownies! “You’d be OBSESSED” she wrote. Say less, right?

After further investigation, I found out that Cake Flower is a small business in Atlanta owned by a super sweet girl who makes healthy, raw vegan treats out of her home for delivery or pickup in the Atlanta/Sandy Springs/Buckhead area! It’s a raw vegan bakery creating desserts naturally free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar. She only uses the highest quality ingredients to make taste-good feel-good food! She makes large & small cakes in addition to brownies, all of which are gorgeously decorated and super aesthetic. I immediately messaged her, and she scheduled for me to grab a box of her Raw Vegan Cosmic Brownies the next week.

Yesterday was the day (yay) and I sped (not actually) over to the designated pickup spot to grab my treats from her! I ended up talking to the girl in the parking lot for maybe 15 minutes before her next pickup arrived. I can’t say that I have ever been one of those “support small and local” people, but after talking to her, I can say that I feel SO good about supporting her business. She truly enjoys what she does and I think that definitely speaks volume about her and her service. I got home and tried one of the brownies and instantly KNEW that if I didn’t end up sharing with my family and friends, I would end up eating the entire box myself. Honestly, because they are made with dates & walnuts, I probably could have eaten the entire box. Yes, they are that good. But ya know, sharing is caring… right?

You might be wondering why I am writing this blog post… is it sponsored? Nope, not at all. As an Instagram influencer who has worked hard to build my platform and my brand over these past six years, I find so much joy in being able to support and help others with passions in any way I can! Especially growing up in Atlanta and starting my nutrition and wellness journey here, it makes me super happy to see so many options for healthy treats available! When I first started out making mindful choices about what I was putting into my body, it was really hard to find tasty treats that fit into what I was looking for. These raw vegan treats make it super easy and convenient to have a nutrient-dense, rich dessert! Yum!

Definitely check out and order from Cake Flower if you’re from the Atlanta area, and let me know if you try her cakes or brownies!

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