Seaside, Fl Favorites

A few weekends ago, my friends and I took a much needed trip to Seaside, Florida (30A) to celebrate my friend Sarah’s birthday! We had such a great, relaxing weekend and I am so excited to share some favorites with you!

Night 1: The Red Bar

The Red Bar is a classic if you’re ever in the 30A area! We all really enjoyed our dinner and their Tiramisu was SO good! If you’re planning on going to Florida during today’s current world state, make sure you know that they do not adhere to social distancing guidelines and nobody was wearing a mask (hosts, waiters, bartenders, customers, nobody).

Day 2:

Views from the Pescado are unmatched. We went there on our first morning for brunch (well, lunch because it was 11am) and it was so good! I ordered the grilled shrimp caesar salad (even though I am trying to be plant-based, this was the closest thing there was on the menu) and it was delicious!

After brunch, we walked around the Grayton area and also drove to Seaside to shop around! Going to Seaside in the Winter is definitely a different experience than going for Spring Break/Summer because there weren’t too many middle school/high school kids there! Much less crowded, so that was definitely a plus! I (of course) took way too many pictures of everything.

Night 2: Charcuterie on the Beach

Yes, this was definitely my one request for the trip (insert sunglass eyes emoji). Charcuterie on the beach was the highlight of the entire weekend, we felt so aesthetic and surprisingly didn’t end up eating any sand LOL! After the charcuterie, we went back to The Red Bar, which was packed, so we ended up at a different bar before heading back to watch “Easy A” and eat popcorn together!

The birthday beach herself!

Day 3: Final Day Brunch at Black Bear Bread Co

Black Bear Bread Company was definitely worth all of the hype (& wait)! I ordered the Bagel Platter and they even had vegan cream cheese!! SOLID brunch place if you’re ever in the Seaside area! We were all extremely happy with our meals and our matcha/lattes.

19/10 weekend. Would 100% recommend making the 7.5 hour drive to the beach with your best friends!

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