Boston Round IV

Spent the weekend visiting my friends in Boston! It’s the only city I would fly to during a pandemic… twice. It was really nice to get out of Memphis for the weekend! Perfect weather, amazing people, and good food… what more could you ask for?

It’s Monday morning and I am hitting the post-trip blues HARD after an amazing weekend full of laughter, friends, views, and Pressed Juicery Freezes! Boston always shows me a really good time and I am grateful for good friends who live there and let me (and my friends from home) come visit them. I did vlog this trip, but I was definitely more on top of taking pictures of things, so let’s get to it!

To know me is to know that there is nothing I dislike more than flying on airplanes. When I do fly, I have to get the window seat… it’s not up for discussion. Why? I need to know what’s going on! The view is pretty good too, but I definitely need to see how high we are above the ground and when we are taking off/landing. I took this picture above New England because you can see the beautiful trees from the sky!

On night one, a few of us went to Rosa Mexicana for dinner! I had the Mexican bowl, which was very good. We also had Skinny Margaritas/other drinks. We started out with chips & guac too! This meal was light and super tasty, I am a huge Mexican food girl so I was in heaven!

After dinner, we explored the Seaport area of Boston and then went back to Marianna’s apartment to relax. She even made us her famous Paleo Cookie Skillet! 10/10 recommend this recipe, I might have to try and make this on my own!

Day 2 started with a walk with friends around this really pretty reservoir & coffee! Apparently in Boston people drink flavored coffee? Not just pumpkin spice… I mean blueberry flavored coffee? 0/10 recommend that one, I will stick to my basic coffee LOL!

Obviously couldn’t go with Boston without getting some Pressed Juicery! I got the Pumpkin Pie Freeze (shocker) with vegan marshmallows, pecan bites, and some almond butter drizzle. My friend got the Chocolate Chip Cookie Freeze! This place is SO good. If you live near one, be sure to check it out!

One of the many great decisions of Day 2 was DEFINITELY getting Sweet Green for lunch. We almost didn’t, but thank goodness we did because I couldn’t go to Boston without getting a salad from there! We don’t have these in the South… so if the owner of Sweet Green is reading this, could you please open one near me? Yeah, that would be ideal. We ate our salads in the center of the city listening to people cheer and honk for Biden! It was really nice outside, like 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

I think Day 2 had more than 24 hours because it was crazy long. We went to Lookout Rooftop on Saturday night and it was the greatest decision I have made in a long long time. The sky looked like cotton candy, the water was beautiful, and the igloos were so much fun! 10/10 recommend renting an igloo for 2 hours with your friends! We had to book the igloo a month in advance because they are seasonal and with COVID and everything they are super limited! If you’re in the Boston area or visiting, try to reserve one if you can!

For dinner after the rooftop, we went to Legal Seafood! I shared a Lobster Roll and a Salmon Salad with my friend… so good. I love this restaurant and we went to the Harborside one so the view was beautiful! I’m pretty sure they asked us if we wanted a classic Lobster Roll? I think that’s the one we got… either way it was really really good!

Day 3 started out with a walk & coffee with one of my friends who lives in Boston! He took me to a cool coffee shop called Flour and we got Pumpkin Spice Lattes which were really good. There was no surprise at all that I chose the pumpkin flavored coffee. I think this may have been one of my favorite things I did on this trip, the water almost looked like glass it was so smooth and the ~foliage~ was beautiful as well!

After the walk, I met up with my other friends for brunch at Sonsies on Newbury! I got gluten free avocado toast and it was very good and much needed. One of my friends drove in from CT and I was so excited to spend time with her! I saw her the last time I went to Boston six months ago and it felt like no time had passed at all! That’s how you know you’re close friends 🙂

Day 3 was super fun, we walked to Boston Commons and Acorn street! We also went to Mike’s Pastry for gluten free Black & White Cookies in the North End so Emerald could see more of the city. I also won’t lie to you guys… we also got Pressed Juicery again LOL. Not surprised about that either… I think I am starting to get rather predictable.

Long story short, when your friends invite you to Boston… GO. Say YES. Take that day off of work. Get on the plane! You’ll be very glad you did!

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